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Melt Sex on the Beach 80g
Melt Sex on the Beach 80g
Melt Sex on the Beach 80g

Melt Sex on the Beach 80g

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Sex on the Beach 🍹" the cocktail" 🍍 is a refreshing tropical fruit fragrance thst transports you to a relaxing beach getaway. Refreshing drink in hand, lounging under the shade of a cabana. Tart notes of cranberry, orange 🍊 and pineapple 🍍are fused with the delicious scent of peach schnapps 🍑 and fresh coconut 🥥 and a hint of vodka. What an absolutely divine fruity fragrance.🍹

  • Weight 80g
  • 6 blocks/60 hours of fragrance
  • All Aromatica Melts are extra scented for a longer lasting fragrance.  
  • Place your melt in the top if a T Light burner or if you preffer no flame use an electric melter.
  • Once melted they release a beautiful aroma that fills the air
  • Once your oil burner has cooled down the melt will again solidify ready for your next use.
  • To clean slightly warm the bottom of your candle melt. Then slide out of the holder, wipe clean with soapy warm water and a dry cloth.
  • When fragrance is depleted can be composted in your compost.
  • Aromatica melts are made of  Pure Soy Wax ,contains NO GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives
  • Available in a variety of  scents and made to order