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For the most fragrant long lasting candles, diffusers and melts


My go to gift giving, universally adored candles that are thoughtfully poured into gorgeous vessels that live on well beyond the candle. The melts and diffusers have a beautifully lingering scent, not overpowering. The Candles are long lasting and burn evenly. Sharon has mastered her craft in just the right amount of strength in perfume.


Sacha Job

I totally love these my sister in-law got me a diffuser and OMG it's beautiful.


Tania Farrows

II have been burning your candles for years now and are my constant go to. To be honest I have not found many to that compare.

As much as my bank balance LOVES that your candles are very reasonably priced for the outstanding quality...l would pay more if l had to.

II Have learnt over many years, the benefits of wick trimming, my candles now last even longer.

Suzy Evans

About Us

 I have created a line of home fragrancing that will not only lift the ambience of your space but evoke many special memories. we are an all Australian Small Business believing in eco friendly products.

Enjoy Sharon