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Melt Coral Coast 80g
Melt Coral Coast 80g
Melt Coral Coast 80g

Melt Coral Coast 80g

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Enhance your space wi this beautiful spicy, fresh fragrance. Coral Coast is an invigorating blend of wild freesias, fresh lemon's and lime's, lavender and coastal sands and grasses. Reminiscent  of Beach walks, Coastal drives and Sea views.

A must if you do not enjoy sweet fragrances but like something a little more spicy and fresh.

We like to call Coral Coast our favourite Man smell, a bit after shavey. Does it sound like you.

  • Weight 80g
  • 6 blocks/60 hours of fragrance
  • All Aromatica Melts are extra scented for a longer lasting fragrance.  
  • Place your melt in the top if a T Light burner or if you preffer no flame use an electric melter.
  • Once melted they release a beautiful aroma that fills the air
  • Once your oil burner has cooled down the melt will again solidify ready for your next use.
  • To clean slightly warm the bottom of your candle melt. Then slide out of the holder, wipe clean with soapy warm water and a dry cloth.
  • When fragrance is depleted can be composted in your compost.
  • Aromatica melts are made of  Pure Soy Wax ,contains NO GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives
  • Available in a variety of  scents and made to order