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Reed Diffuser  Coral Coast 100ml
Reed Diffuser  Coral Coast 100ml
Reed Diffuser  Coral Coast 100ml
Reed Diffuser  Coral Coast 100ml

Reed Diffuser Coral Coast 100ml

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9Enhance your space with this beautiful spicy, fresh fragrance. Coral Coast is an invigorating blend of wild freesias, fresh lemon's and lime's, lavender and coastal sands and grasses. Reminiscent  of Beach walks, Coastal drives and Sea views.

A must if you do not enjoy sweet fragrances but like something a little more spicy and fresh.

We like to call Coral Coast our favourite Man smell, a bit after shavey. Does it sound like you.

  • Our Reed Diffusers are made with an Australian made Fragrances and Premium Reed Diffuser Base
  • We only use natural Reed Diffuser sticks, these have tiny holes running up the reed to diffuse the oil, like no other can.
  • They not only smell great and will enhance your living space, but also contain odour neutralises to kill off those cooking, pet and boy odours, leaving your home smelling fresh and aromatic
  • Diffuser Base is derived from sustainable plant feedstocks and contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • No Nasties, made with yours and fur friends health in mind
  • The most environmentally friendly Reed base on the market.
  • Your Reed Diffuser will last  fragrant for 9 months to a year. Amazing.
  • Turn reeds weekly
  • Do not place in a hot position and turn reeds weekly.


CAUTION ; wipe up spills immediately to avoid damage to surfaces or fabrics.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Do not consume

For Reed diffusers only, DO NOT USE FOR ANY

We are an Eco-conscious Company