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Room Spray Sleep Easy

Room Spray Sleep Easy

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Our Aromatica Room Spray has that classic Lavender fragrance that is enjoyed by so many. The benefits of the Lavender Angustifolia plant has been recognised since ancient times for it's benefits to help induce relaxation and sleep. May be beneficial if used as part of your bedtime routine, A routine helps to program your mind when it is time to go to sleep. Using Aromatica Room Spray in this routine may help induce sleep.

Spay some around the bedroom allowing to settle on carpet and linens or spay a small amount onto pillow, before getting into bed. Even if the smell wears off the benefits are still on your pillow or in the room.  zzzzzzzzz

Ingredients; Demineralised Aqua, Witch Hazel, plantaserver D, Polysorbate 20, Lavender Essential Oil, mixed tocopheral (vitamin)


Do not get on tiled or wood falls to avoid slips.

We are an Eco-conscious Company