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Gift Pack Sweetpea and  Vanilla
Gift Pack Sweetpea and  Vanilla

Gift Pack Sweetpea and Vanilla

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Includes sweet pea candle and Reed Diffuser, 1 x Rose shell Soap.

Sweetpea and Vanilla truely a beautifull and mesmerising perfume made up of Melon, Lemon and Rasberry's combined with mixed notes of Sweetpea and leafy greens and rounded out with a vanilla and musk.

A personal favourite as this is the fragrance that launched me down the path of candle making.


These Beautiful Baby Geo candles are made of  pure Soy Wax,

  • Will make your space smell deliciously sweet, creating a lovely relaxing ambiance while burning.
  • contains NO GMO material, NO paraffin and NO unnatural additives.
  • Fragrances are Australian made.
  • Baby Geos look very classy in any situation, very popular for gifts or just that little pick me up for yourself. cycle container, can be used for a trinket box or earring keeper after burnt.
  • Just wash out in warm soapy water. .   
  • TIPS do not burn candle to very bottom, to avoid cracking container.
  • Read directions on bottom of candle.

Reed Diffuser

  • Our Reed Diffusers are made with an Australian made Fragrances and Premium Reed Diffuser Base
  • We only use natural Reed Diffuser sticks, these have tiny holes running up the reed to diffuse the oil, like no other can.
  • They not only smell great and will enhance your living space, but also contain odour neutralises to kill off those cooking, pet and boy odours, leaving your home smelling fresh and aromatic
  • Diffuser Base is derived from sustainable plant feedstocks and contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • No Nasties, made with yours and fur friends health in mind
  • The most environmentally friendly Reed base on the market.
  • Your Reed Diffuser will last  fragrant for 9 months to a year. Amazing.
  • Turn reeds weekly
  • Do not place in a hot position


 Rose Shell Soap

  • A beautiful fragrant rose shell soap. 
  • Made from glycerin 
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished
  • Vegetable glycerine helps stop water loss from the skin

All beautifully packaged in a compostable box, (except for window) and packed with shredded paper, to keep all items safe in transit, also compostable and all finished of with a lovely ribbon. Perfect for gift giving.

We are an Eco-conscious Company